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What is A Mandala?

Mandala is a word of Sanskrit origin that means “circle” and is seen as a symbol representing the Universe. Usually, mandalas are drawn in a radial pattern starting from the point in the centre which balances the entire mandala’s structure, or radiates from it.

Sacred Geometry

Frequently, mandalas are understood as geometry of sound. Low frequency sounds produce ordinary circles. As the frequency increases sound patterns transform into more complex structures. Sound itself is a vibration, a wave that propagates through the medium such as air, water or solids. The sound waves are generated by a sound source, such as the vibrating diaphragm of a stereo speaker. Actually, sound waves cannot travel through the vacuum space, thus, we cannot hear the Universe. The Universe is sound silent to us. Furthermore, the physical perception of sound in any hearing organism is limited to a range of frequencies. Humans normally hear sound frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. Other species have a different range of hearing. For example, dolphins can hear frequencies up to 150 kHz.

The Frequency of Light

Not only sound is a wave. As we know, the light is a wave also. The light usually refers to the visible light, visible to the human eye and responsible for the sense of sight. Visible light is ranged between the infrared (with longer wavelengths) and the ultraviolet (with sorter wavelengths). So, what we see in the night sky is light waves reflected by stars millions years ago. Interestingly, using modern technologies the light waves can be transformed into sound waves allowing us to listen to the sound of the Universe.

As humans, we exist within the 49th Octave of Vibration of the electromagnetic light spectrum. Below this range are barely visible radiant heat, then invisible infrared, television and radio waves, sound and brain waves; above it is barely visible ultraviolet, then the invisible frequencies of chemicals and perfumes, followed by x-rays, gamma rays, radium rays and unknown cosmic rays. Physicists claim that the Universe is in a constant state of vibratory motion. “Let be the Light,” said God. We, humans, are as well vibrational light beings, but limited to sense light and sound. Some with extra senses claim that they can see invisible light aura around living creatures. While the most of us do not have extra senses, we all can feel frequencies of other human light beings and respond to them accordingly – love, hate, anger, passion…

So, how do we translate all these frequencies of other beings?

Everybody translates them differently, blending, comparing, matching with own frequencies and reflecting them back as an emotional response. Sometimes, we make our judgement from the first sight and correct it later. Our perception of the world through our limited senses is always blended with our own current mood, past experience, future expectations, age, even the current level of health, like whole pure white light dispersing its beam through a triangular prism is separated to the rainbow spectrum. From the beginning of the human civilisation people looked for a way to become whole again, attune with frequency of the Universe, the source of the pure light.

A Mandala as a visual form of our spiritual frequency

In ancient traditions, understanding existence and physical form was perceived as an interpretation of light energy. As sound may be translated to its visible form of mandala with the use of a usual sand and metal plate, what reminds intricate sand mandalas of Tibetan monks, so the light is translated to a visible form in our brain showing beautiful mandalas in our inner, or mind, eye. Those, who practice meditations, can see these mandalas, symmetric, moving from one beautiful form to another, radiating bright colours, while in a usual state we see only chaotic clouds wandering on the grey. An archetypal symbol of wholeness, the mandala was used as a therapeutic art tool by psychologist Carl Jung, who believed creating mandalas helped patients to make the unconscious conscious. Seemingly, symmetry of mandalas is an interior human aesthetics based on predetermined preferences. Mandalas, when used appropriately, bring forth positive changes in the individuals who use them with intention to tune the body and the Universe vibrations. While every mandala is absolutely different as pictures evolved in a kaleidoscope from a limited number of elements this is supposed to be a conception of cosmic order. Each person is a uniquely beautiful mandala and has their own "point" of light at the centre.

Let’s find our very own frequency tunned with the Universe.




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